Symptom Checker


Some of the symptoms defined in Diagnoscope

Order Definition of Symptom
1 Fever (body temperature's being OVER 37 degrees celcius/98.6 degrees fahrenheit when it is taken from armpit)
2 Running nose
3 PAIN in any part of the body
4 Blurred vision, decrease in visual acuity and loss in eyesight accompanied by pain and redness in the eye which have occurred SUDDENLY
5 Nasal bleeding
6 Suffering from SUDDEN increase in respiration rate and shortness of breath with CHEST PAIN increasing when moving or breathing
7 Bloody diarrhea (watery stool's being BLOODY)
8 Blood in urine
9 Loss of consciousness or fainting
10 Toothache
11 SWELLING on SKULL which can be felt by hand
12 Abnormal, unexpected, excessive VAGINAL BLEEDING
13 Loose, watery stool (diarrhea) occurring MORE than 3 times in 24 hours
14 Red coloured stool
15 Black, TAR-like and foul-smelling stool
16 Persistent diarrhea continuing MORE than one month
17 Fatigue, tiredness
18 STRONG, agonising, causing to groan and surging PAIN in lower back-FLANK-groin, accompanied by sweating and vomiting
19 Vomiting
20 Changes in consciousness (seizures or giving extreme and inconsistent reactions)
21 LOW-GRADE fever for a long time (for WEEKS, MONTHS) with an unknown reason not resulting from a known illness such as flu
22 Blood in semen (sperm)
23 Nausea
24 Skin conditions such as rash, redness, bruise or acne
25 Ear pain
26 Breathlessness (shortness of breath even when resting or after a little effort)
27 Weight loss (INVOLUNTARY loss of more than 10 percent of baseline body weight WITHIN SIX MONTHS)
28 Headache
29 Lower abdominal pain
30 SUDDEN ATTACKS of dizziness, nausea and HEARING LOSS